Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whiney Tucker

Me went to an appointment wit mumma today to see two of her clients who are in a nursing home.  Their son brought along his big Newfie, Tucker, who wuz quite the strange character.  The son asked if me wuz ok wit other doggies and mumma said yes, if other doggies don't jump on me, get in my face or distract me from doing my job and helping mumma, and he said Tucker wouldn't do any such thing.  So we gets dere and dis Tucker guy couldn't sit still and whined for the hour and 15 minutes we wuz dere.  I tried tellin him to relax dude, but he high strung or sumfin.  All the people in the nursing home kept coming in the room to see what this silly dog was crying about and it wuz very distracting for mumma.  She try to get the man to let us sniff butts and get to know each other but he thought she wuz strange.  She told him dat she wished more people understood dat dis is de appropriate way for dogs to greet and learn bout each other thru their scent and not by meeting face to face which is very confrontative for doggies.  Even tho me is a service dog, me still has to tell doggies sometimes if dey are doin sumfin wrong and gettin in me or mumma's way and risking her falling down, and me has to give them a Woof to tell dem to straighten out.  Some peeps don't understand dis and say dat service dogs should never barky, but dis not true.  Dis is the only way we has to get some points across.  Anyway, when we left me said bye to everybody but dat Tucker dog b/c he wuz just a little too weird for me.
Love & Smoochies,

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