Friday, May 27, 2011

Da New Guy

Hi eberybuddy!

Well de day finally got a new wittle brudder!!  Mumma did much searchin for a Golden Retriever that wuz going to grow up ta be my size, but she didn't have any luck.  It seems dat eberybuddy iz breedin der goldies ta be smaller and smaller dese days.  So mumma did more researchin and decided on de Great Pyrenees breed.

We found my wittle brudder on an alpaca farm in Mosinee.  Both of hiz parents and hiz uncle are workin dawgs on the farm, livin right in wif de alpacas, takin care of dem and guardin dem frum any dangers.

Dis waz a big plus fur mumma, since dis new pupper iz gonna hafta be a workin service dawg fur mumma.  She also made sure he wazn't human or animal aggressive in any way and wazn't scared of new fings, people, noises, etc.  He iz actually a bery mellow pupper, which iz perfect fur bein a service dawg.  He listen pwetty gud too.  Mumma only hadta tell him one time dat he isn't allowed ta touch my foodie bowl, and him neber twied it agin.  Same wit udder fings she tell him not ta touch...he a pwetty gud brudder.  Him only weakness iz him teeny bladder!!  Mumma call him da PEE MACHINE!  She only gives him a wittle water at a time and he pee and pee and pee and pee.....he can't eben go one hour widout peeing!!!
Anyway...we name him Jasper or Jazzy fur short.  He still dun't know him own name or wat any words mean.  Mumma say he obbiblious to wat she say...whateber dat means.

It be takin a few dayz fur me ta get used ta dis guy!  Me didn't know he wuz comin and me wuz a wittle miffed about him just showin up like dat...but taday me pwayed wit him fur de first time and me actually had a wittle fun wit him....until me accidentally sat on him and he went running and shrieking like sumone waz tryin ta muwder him!!  Geez, he's da one who alwayz hasta be right unnerneath me behind eberywhere me goes..he shud know ta watch out! 

 Me finks mumma haz allota work tado twainin dis guy ta be a service dawg like me.  She say she hab two years or more ta do it and she said dat me iz supposta help wit him twainin too.  She ties him to me so dere iz no gettin away frum him!!  Dis gonna be a loooong 2 years!
De only gud part iz dat now me kitty Gussy have sumone his own size ta pway wit and can leave me alone sumtimes.   Dat pupper likes Gussy and likes ta chew on his ears and taily and Gussy dun't eben scratch him!!  When me wuz a pupper he scratched me wight in de eyeball when me twied ta pway wit him!

So anyway, me guess we can keep him.  He not az bad az me fout he wuz at first.  Maybe when he get a wittle bigger we can pway a wittle more wifout him constantly falling on him face when he twies ta run afta me!!  Bye fur now!!

Love and Smoochies,

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  1. Hi Boo! Sorry it's taken me so long to pop over to say hello! Your new brother looks adorable - that picture of the 2 of you together is so sweet - such happy smiles! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane