Monday, May 9, 2011

The Foodie Taster

Evewyday when me goz to eat me bweakfast, me 
getz shoved out of de way by dat kitty Gussy.  Mumma 
sayz he da official "foodie taster" of de house and
dat dis an important job dat he haz, and he make sure dat 
none of me foodies iz bad or will makes me sick before me eats it.
She sayz only vewy important indaviduls  haz dem own foodie 
and me shud feel privoliged to haz one of me own!!
He goez over and sturt eatin up the good wet 
foodie dat mumma mixes in wit da borin dry foodie
me getz.  It always good stuff wit meat, veggies, pastas, rice 
and udder good stuffers in dere.

When he done, den me getz to eatz me foodie finally!!! It always taste
yummy to me, and in me 5 years in de family,
him haz never found any bad foodie.

Me dunno, but me finks dat someone not tellin me da twuf bout
dis foodie tastin bidness and dat kitty just gettin away wit eatin
mez foodies!!!  Wat do u guyz fink??  Do anybuddy else out dere
haz food tasters like dis, or iz me leg gettin pulled by mumma & Gussy??

Fanks fur all ur help evewybawdy!!!
Love & Smoochies,

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